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Nana's Special Sauce


Shake Well to Enjoy a Silky Smooth And Delicious Combination Of Pure Maple Syrup With Real Butter And Marshmallow.



I’ve been putting this on vanilla ice cream and I crave it every day now! This is going to be a staple for all future sundaes.


Jenny S

So delicious......have used it for breakfast (obviously) but also made a delicious maple chicken (coated chicken in Nana's special sauce, then covered in bread crumbs and baked). Sooooo good!


Jane O

Just tried Nana's Special Sauce which is Maple Syrup enhanced with butter and marshmallow. Really delicious! Don't know how they figured this out, but really good. Adds something special to breakfast favorites.


George G

This stuff is SO GOOD. Pairs perfectly with waffles, pancakes, bacon, ice cream, you name it! Perfect balance of buttery sweet deliciousness. Don’t sleep on Nana’s Special Sauce, BUY IT NOW!!!!


Emily K

Loved it! Just the perfect blend of flavors. Quite addictive.


Kat B

What a wonderful addition to my breakfast table! So many other uses for this special sauce recipe. I can’t wait to try as a glaze over cinnamon rolls or on ice cream! My family loves this!


Linda B

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